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Solaris version SunOS version Release date End of support[50] Basis License form Major new features SPARC x86 SPARC/x86 Old version, no longer maintained : 1.x 4.1.x 1991–1994 – September 2003 4.3BSD Traditional license SunOS 4 rebranded as Solaris 1 for marketing purposes. See SunOS article for more information. Old version, no longer maintained : 2.0 5.0 June 1992 – January 1999 SVR4 Traditional license Preliminary release (primarily available to developers only), support for only the sun4c architecture. First appearance of NIS+.[51] Old version, no longer maintained : 2.1 5.1 December 1992 May 1993 April 1999 SVR4 Traditional license Support for sun4 and sun4m architectures added; first Solaris x86 release. First Solaris 2 release to support SMP.

Old version, no longer maintained:

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2.2 5.2 May 1993 – May 1999 SVR4 Traditional license SPARC-only release. First to support sun4d architecture. First to support multithreading libraries (UI threads API in libthread).[52] Old version, no longer maintained : 2.3 5.3 November 1993 – June 2002 SVR4 Traditional license SPARC-only release. OpenWindows 3.3 switches from NeWS to Display PostScript and drops SunView support. Support added for autofs and CacheFS filesystems. Old version, no longer maintained : 2.4 5.4 November 1994 September 2003 SVR4 Traditional license First unified SPARC/x86 release. Includes OSF/Motif runtime support. Old version, no longer maintained : 2.5 5.5 November 1995 December 2003 SVR4 Traditional license First to support UltraSPARC and include CDE, NFSv3 and NFS/TCP. Dropped sun4 (VMEbus) support. POSIX.1c-1995 pthreads added. Doors added but undocumented.[53] Old version, no longer maintained : 2.5.1 5.5.1 May 1996 September 2005 SVR4 Traditional license The only Solaris release that supports PowerPC;[54] Ultra Enterprise support added; user and group IDs (uid_t, gid_t) expanded to 32 bits,[55] also included processor sets[56] and early resource management technologies. Old version, no longer maintained : 7 5.7 November 1998 August 2008 SVR4 Traditional license The first 64-bit UltraSPARC release. Added native support for file system meta-data logging (UFS logging). Dropped MCA support on x86 platform. Sun dropped the prefix “2.” in the Solaris version number, leaving “Solaris 7.” Last update was Solaris 7 11/99.[58] Old version, no longer maintained : 9 5.9 May 28, 2002 January 10, 2003 October 2014 SVR4 Traditional license iPlanet Directory Server, Resource Manager, extended file attributes, IKE IPsec keying, and Linux compatibility added; OpenWindows dropped, sun4d support removed. Most current update is Solaris 9 9/05 HW.[61] Old version, no longer maintained : 11 Express 2010.11 5.11 November 15, 2010; 11 years ago( ) November 2011 SVR4 Post-Oracle closed source Adds new packaging system (IPS – Image Packaging System) and associated tools, ZFS (only) for boot, 1 GB RAM min., x86, Solaris 10 Containers, network virtualization and quality of service (QoS), virtual consoles, ZFS encryption and deduplication, fast reboot,[73] updated GNOME. Removed Xsun, CDE,[74] and the /usr/ucb BSD-compatible commands[

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] Old version, no longer maintained : 11 5.11 November 9, 2011; 10 years ago( ) ? SVR4 Post-Oracle closed source New features and enhancements (compared to Solaris 10) in software packaging, network virtualization, server virtualization, storage, security and hardware support:

  • Packaging: Image Packaging System, network and local package repositories; Automated Installer to automated provisioning, including Zones; Distro Constructor to create ISO 9660 filesystem images;
  • Network: network virtualization (vNICs, vSwitches, vRouters) and QoS, Exclusive–IP default for Zones, the dladm utility to manage data links, the ipadm utility to manage IP configuration (including IPMP), ProFTPD and enhancements;
  • Zones: Immutable (read–only) Zones, NFS servers in zones, delegated administration, P2V pre–flight check, the zonestat utility coupled with the libzonestat dynamically linked library;
  • Security: root as a role, netcat and enhancements;
  • Storage: ZFS shadow migration, ZFS backup/restore with NDMP, recursive ZFS send;
  • Hardware support: SPARC T4, critical threads, SDP enabled and optimized, including support for Zones, SR-IOV, Intel AVX;
  • UEFI Boot support (Solaris 11.1 onwards on x86)
  • UltraSPARC II, III, IV series support removed; IA-32 architecture support removed.[75]
Old version, no longer maintained : 11.2 5.11 April 29, 2014; 7 years ago( ) ? SVR4 Post-Oracle closed source New features and enhancements:[80]

  • Integrated hypervisor
  • Kernel Zones
  • Full OpenStack distribution
  • Automation of software patches and updates, and other packaging improvements[81]
  • Software-defined networking
Older version, yet still maintained : 11.3 5.11 October 26, 2015; 6 years ago

 ( )

January 2024 SVR4 Post-Oracle closed source New features and enhancements:[82]

  • Live migration of Solaris Kernel Zones
  • InfiniBand support for Kernel Zones
  • Virtual Clocks for Solaris Zones
  • ZFS LZ4
  • SMB 2.1
  • Private VLAN
  • VNICs on IPoIB
  • Periodic and Scheduled Services
  • Tailored Compliance Reporting
  • OpenBSD 5.5 Packet Filter
  • Deferred Dump
  • Integration with OpenStack Juno
Current stable version : 11.4 5.11 August 28, 2018; 3 years ago( ) November 2034 SVR4 Post-Oracle closed source New features and enhancements:[83]

  • CPUs with OSA2011 architecture required (UltraSPARC T4, SPARC64 X, or better)[84]
  • ZFS Top-Level Device Removal. zpool remove
  • Solaris Web Dashboard and Analytics (sstore)
  • Native Zones: Live Zone Reconfiguration for Datasets
  • GNOME Shell instead of the GNOME 2 desktop[85]

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